Frequently Asked Questions

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Signing Up & Promotions

Different plans & available promotions

You can check all of our available prices & promotions at: https://trueroyalty.tv/subscribe

What devices can you use to stream True Royalty TV?

Currently we are available on Apple mobile and tablet (iOS), Android mobile or tablet, Roku, Amazon Fire TV,  Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and Android TV and via casting on Google Chromecast. You can also watch our service on your laptop or desktop on our web player.

I'm receiving an error when trying to sign up

We're sorry to hear you're having issues trying to register for True Royalty. You can visit the following page and it will walk you through steps that have been proven to resolve any signup issue: https://trueroyalty.tv/signup-issues/

There is a deal on the website but not on my device

Indeed the True Royalty TV service is available on lots of platforms each with a different billing system. Confusingly, we can only offer deals on our website billing system.

This means that if you subscribe on our website instead of via an app or a TV provider, you can then use your email to login to all our apps (although not TV providers). 

You can read through additional details here: https://trueroyalty.tv/account/

Finding the True Royalty App

Finding our app on your streaming device

Please select the following device you'd like to stream on, and it will walk you through signing into your True Royalty TV account so you can start streaming immediately.


Apple TV

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Prime Video


Begin watching on your Smart TV

If you want to stream True Royalty through your Apple TV, Click Here.

If you're using an Android TV to watch, you can Click Here. 

Otherwise if you have another brand of Smart TV, please Click Here

Streaming on a phone or tablet

If you're wanting to sign into the app on your iPhone or iPad Click Here


If you're wanting to watch on your Android phone or tablet Click Here

Finding True Royalty on your cable box

We've outlined the steps below to use True Royalty TV on your Cable boxe. 


Comcast Xfinity

1. Please go to “Apps” from your Xfinity home screen

2. Under “Streaming Networks” search for True Royalty TV

3. You can then start a free trial, or sign into your existing account


The Roku Channel

1. Please go to “Premium Subscriptions” from your Roku TV home screen
2. Launch the True Royalty TV app
3. You can select “Start your 7-day free trial” or sign into your existing subscription 
4. You can now stream your True Royalty TV content
1. From your Sling home screen you’ll navigate to “Search” in the top right. 
2. Search “True Royalty TV” 
3. You can then browse the content, after selecting a show it will give you the option to sign in, or start a 7-day free trial.

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