This is unfortunate. Let's see if we can sort this out. Please check the following on your Android device:

  1. Are you using a supported device?
  2. Is your internet connection stable and fast enough to stream?
  3. Have you downloaded the app from the Google app Store?
  4. Have you checked if your device and the app are up to date? Are there any pending updates?
  5. Have you re-installed the app? This will empty the cache and the app will have a fresh start.
  6. Have you logged out and logged in again? This will update your subscription information.
  7. Have you restarted your device?
  8. Are any other movies playing?
  9. Is the movie playing on another device e.g. your web browser on a computer?
  10. Do you have an active subscription in the account you are using?

If you can answer all questions with yes and the movie still doesn't play on your Android device then please send us an email to so that we can have a closer look at the issue. Please attach the following information in your email:

  • your email address
  • the device model and software version
  • the app version
  • the error message
  • when do you get the error message
  • the movie you try to play